Yellow Building

Beauty out of darkness throws light into that darkness – Charlotte Mitchell

I spotted this colorful art gallery building on my way back from Julian, CA. It was almost getting dark and cloudy which made the building colors more saturated. Unfortunately it was closed but I sensed there must be a story behind it, after I processed the photo I did some research and found the related website Mitchell Studio Gallery.

The building is older than 100 years owned by Charlotte Mitchell who dedicated her life to art and her love for poetry which inspired her art creation of glass artworks. Sadly she passed away in 2013 (based on the website) and it seems since last year the website is not being updated but this place with its living colors stands as a peace witness for her colorful peaceful spirit and contribution to art.

I hope my photo for the building brought the colorful life of Charlotte Mitchell.

The Mitchell Studio Gallery Building

The Mitchell Studio Gallery Building


A Yellow Corner

I was walking near China Town along Powell street in San Francisco and found this colorful shops and resident buildings line up. I liked the yellow corner and the Chinese shops’ signs, no English translations, something I like as it shows the authenticity of Chinese neighborhood and how Chinese American preserve their culture and language in America.

I took multiple exposures then processed them as HDR photo. Taken using Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera.

Yellow Corner - Chinatown , Powell Street in San Francisco

Yellow Corner – Chinatown , Powell Street in San Francisco