The Pujol School House – Temecula

The Pujol School House is one of the oldest schools in Temecula built in the late 1800s. I found this website that has a really nice vintage picture of the students with their teacher (class 1904-1905). It feels amazing when looking at this vintage picture of kids that is taken more than 100 years ago and trying to imagine their life and experiences in that time, definitely life was more meaningful and simpler. I love pictures that freeze and document a life moment specially for kids.

I liked the simplicity of the school historical building and its location on a little hill. It stands alone with no surrounding buildings which makes it a perfect isolated composure to capture. The sun was setting down and there was no one there to ask for permission and no cars in the parking lot and I felt not comfortable so I parked quickly and took three shots and runaway with my infidel action in this holly place!

I liked to process it as a monochrome photograph to reveal its historical character, as usual I tend to make my photographs darker than normal especially when working on black and white pictures (it just my own taste). I applied a warm brownish tone to reflect a rustic abundant personality for the place.

The Pujol School House - Temecula

The Pujol School House – Temecula


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