Victoria Tower – Laguna Beach, California

This is one of my favorite shots, I re-processed it here as monochromatic picture to give the scene a dramatic feeling and atmosphere. The tower in the photo is called Victoria Tower, it is built in 1926 in a Victorian castle structure style. It is located in Laguna Beach in California, hidden behind a residential area in a way that it looks like a private beach but it is for public and there is a stairs leading down to the beach. I posted the original photo shooting for the beach in another previous post. Click here for the original post.

Victoria Tower - Laguna Beach, California

Victoria Tower – Laguna Beach, California



  1. Your picture of “La Tour” a 60 foot tall Norman Style tower is incredible! I lived in Laguna Beach in the 1960’s and always enjoyed seeing this whenever going to Victoria Beach.

    Just to note, the tower and house was actually built in 1926, not in 1962 for the William Brown family. It was used to access the beach from the backyard of the house. I walked up the inside of it once years ago, i’m amazed it’s still standing! It’s also been called the “Pirates Tower” by locals!

    Anyway, great work with the photograph, it gives it an even more mystical feeling than it really is in person.

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