Basketball Ring (HDR)

I found this basketball ring in Balboa Peninsula in a residential area, I liked to take a picture from low angle to give the basketball ring a front perspective with the cotton like clouds in the background. I took a single shot then processed it as HDRI with post processing in PS Elements. I burned the clouds and lighting up the basketball intentionally. I did selective adjustments to the brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance, color leveling and sharpening on different parts of the image (the sky, the ground, the wall, the basketball ring)

After I done processing I remembered that I did not tweak the exposure and recovery in RAW editor which resulted in the overexposed clouds on the upper right side of the clouds, I was lazy to go back and re-process :). Overall it is not Bad!

Basketball Ring - Balboa Peninsula

Basketball Ring - Balboa Peninsula

I put the original, HDRI, Post processed images in below slideshow to show the difference. I’m still learning, noticing the differences even with mistakes and over-done is inspiring to me and give me more passion for HDRI and post processing in general.



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