My first try on Instagram iPhone App

I downloaded the Instagram iPhone App on my iPhone after I read a review that they added the tilt and shift effect. I loved this App, the effects reflect retro style photography but what I liked the most is two things: the first thing is the tilt and shift effect which is a nice simulation of the tilt and shift lens. The second thing that I loved is the live view of the App while the effects are on!. for example I turned on black and white and also the tilt and shift effect and I can view through the iPhone in black and white plus with the tilt and shift active and I can change the focus live before taking the snapshot. I think I will use my iPhone more frequently from now on for casual photography using the Instagram iPhone App. Big well done for Instagram software team!. Below are the first pics I took without planning or thinking just right out of the iPhone.



  1. Dear Raed Al-Jawad,

    My name is Chang, a graphic designer and teacher in San Jose, CA. I came across to your web site and found very interested in your photography!

    I am sending this message to ask you about using one of your photos for my project for a wall graphic. I would like to know how do you charge if I want to use your photo for a project. I am collarging many different photos and would like to use one of yours in that composition.

    I would appreciate if you let me know as soon as possible.



    1. Hi Chang,

      I don’t want to charge you, instead I would like my blog to be mentioned in your project as a reference. Please let me know which picture(s) you are interested to use.


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