The Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, Study Stress and Popular Science

I’v been in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today and while waiting for the order, I saw some students with their laptops and coffee; they seemed bored and stressed and I liked the mood of the place and I thought to sneak some candid photos; my concern was how I take it without they notice me, at the end I managed to take quick photos, I was thinking of black and white photos to make it moody but then I liked the colored Lomo one and also the black and white. After that I took a photo for the news stand in the shopping mall, I like popular science magazine so I focused on this magazine. I thought I could not put people pictures on the web, but after I read photographer rights, I found out that it is fine to share it. Hope those students will not sue me!. Click on the image to view the slideshow.



  1. i realli lyk dese pics….d black and the white ones…was plannin to write a post on coffee culture….would use one of these for sure…:) wid due regards to credit ofcourse….:)

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