Vintage Cars Portraits at the Orange County Great Park

Vintage Chrysler Car

Vintage Chrysler Car

I saw those vintage cars lining up during a visit to the farmer market at the Orange County Great Park. I was planning initially to photo shoot the farmer market but those vintage cars consumed all of me and I loved photo shoot them, above picture is for an early ford car. below is the full set, In some of them you can see my reflection in the car bumper as all car shots I like to take them from low angle. I used my wide angle lens in most of them except few that i used my 35mm prime lens to achieve shallow depth of field. I processed them through Lomo effect and add strong vintage to emphasize their vintage nature. It was challenging to search the web for their names and model (some of them); I appreciate if you know the name or model of any of those cars and leave me a comment.



  1. My grandfather owns Early Ford Supper Deluxe at his backyard and that one big hit of his car finally reaches its renovation after I decided to bring it to the highest quality of database that surely develop his car.

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