Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA (Hidden Treasure)

Victoria Beach - Laguna Beach #9

Victoria Beach - Laguna Beach #9

Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach city in California is a hidden treasure behind residential area. There is a reason it is called Victorian because there is a 16th century lighthouse looking tower on the north side of the beach, it is buetifully placed looks like it is engraved in the rocks side of the beach. This is the third time I visit the beach to take photos for the tower, mainly for HDR processing. I think this time was the best specially I’m more into realistic HDR than before. The clouds were not bad (they could have been better) and helped adding dramatic effect to the photos.

I consider it as a heaven for photographer because it is rare to find a tower like that on a beach area sorrounded by nice formation of rocks and also modern residental homes that makes the scene a nice mix. There were photographers all over the place; all going crazy taking photos till the sun disappeared. I was the last one who left the beach, almost got wet. Photos are processed in Photomatix Pro for HDR output then PS for contrast, sharpening and color tuning. Below is the full set, please click on the image for actual size.



  1. The photos are unbelievable. I wish I was half as capable with a camera.

    Living in southern California must be a photographer’s dream.

    I’m currently having a contest at Bucket List Publications for a free skydiving experience with Skydive San Diego. You can check it out at

    Keep the amazing photos coming,


    1. Thanks Lesley for your feedback. Actually you can achieve such photos if you apply a technique called HDR which basically you take multiple exposures at a fixed aperture then mix them up in HDR software. sounds simple but this is the main idea of such photos. Thanks for referring to the context sounds interesting and scary!.

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