Photo-walk in William R. Mason Regional Park

I went for a photo-walk to William R. Mason Regional Park (Irvine, CA) with my daughter, she was riding her bike and I’m trying to keep up with her and take photos at the same time!. It was a gloomy day but I managed to take nice close up and normal shots for the park and my daughter. I grouped the photos by subject (as much as possible), Click on the image for actual size.

I took below pictures for Canada Geese that I think they were sleeping!. The next picture is for Common Gulls (Seagulls) lining up waiting for something.

I liked to take close ups for faucets of a drinking fountain.

I could convince my daughter to take some pictures for her without posing and while she is biking.

I liked the yellow and green colors of the grass and the trees with the lake in the background. I took various pictures.

At the end we went to the playground area and I took some pictures there.

The weather was not that good for photo shooting but I try always to make use of the available light as much as possible and with the help of my camera settings and the pictures turned out fine.



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