Fort Point, San Francisco – Heaven for HDR Photography

I took above pictures during my visit to Fort Point in San Francisco. I can say this is the best place so far I went to for HDR photography, the brick mason design of its architecture and the corridors and all rooms looks old, dark and make you back in time in civil wars era. Fort Point building work is finished just before civil war and it been used to defend against hostile attacks. There are display of cannons in the first flour, I liked them so much and the way they’ve been arranged make it a nice photo composition. When I was there, there were a photography group doing photo shooting as part of a workshop assignments and I liked the way we  all tend to take the same composition positions. the place is heaven for photography specially if you are into HDR. My best shot was the room with chairs (the first image above). Photo shooting in Fort point is challenging because of low light and what make it harder is if you want to bracket (multiple shoots)  in order to cover the needed dynamic range for HDR. I had to raise the ISO up to 800 which added noise but I had to compromise the quality little bit in order to achieve the multiple shots then worry about noise later in post processing although if I have external bracketing device I would keep the ISO low as the device will automatically do the bracketing and calculate the needed shutter speed even when it exceeds the camera limits. I loved this place and still the best I seen so far for HDR photography , planning to visit San Francisco during summer , this is a photogenic city and sky is the limit for good photo shooting. I repeated placing the best photo (from my perspective below).

Fort Point, San Francisco

Fort Point, San Francisco



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