Gali Ali Beg Canyon – Iraq / Kurdistan

Gali Ali Beg Canyon - Iraq / Kurdistan

Gali Ali Beg Canyon - Iraq / Kurdistan

During my visit to north Iraq (Kurdistan) in 2011 I saw so many nice nature landscapes that are left out without taking care of but nature beauty always survive and born again within its own struggle. One of the most beautiful scenes was Gail Ali Beg Canyon. As usual there is no defined hiking trails there so my father helped me find a trail and we walked down then had to climb down to this spot and I found couple of people who were fishing and others drinking!, I liked the bridge above the river finding its way in the middle of the Canyon. If you notice there is a man on the lower left side of the picture he is fishing , I wished I could make him more clear to show the massive size of the Canyon. One thing bothered me is there is no seen interest by government on those places and you can see garbage everywhere and there is no signs or safety measures. Hope someday they realize how Iraq is beautiful, those places survived wars and carelessness without any help from us, they just ask for little care and love. Definitely worth visiting back and I hope next time I will see the same authenticity of the place but with more comfort. I corped the image with some editing in RAW and Photoshop.


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