Black and White Silhouettes – San Pedro / Angel’s Gate Park

I went for photo shooting to Angel’s Gate Park, in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It is a nice park well known by its Korean Bell of Friendship pavilion which is dedicated by Korea to USA. The park is sitting nicely on top of a hill facing the pacific ocean from one side and the port from other sides. The main objective of my visit is to take HDR photos for the Pavilion but the timing was bad, so many people around and I did not have much time before sunset so all images turned have so much ghosting (which is not good for HDR). I was about to leave the park then I saw some people from far doing activities and it was so clear they can be good candidate for Silhouettes photos. Using 200mm lens, I could stay far from people so they don’t notice and take natural shots, the angle of the Sun was perfect and I kept it out of frame to block the direct light and took the photo against the sun direction in order to achieve the Silhouette effect. I always adjust the Exposure Compensation to -2/3 to under expose the subjects in order to emphasize the shadows and to get more shutter speed in low light conditions. I converted the photos to black and white to focus on the story of the picture and remove any color distractions. Sometimes great photos comes without planing. I included also one shot of the Pavilion (not that good) and make it looks like grainy and old, I liked the structure and definitely worth visiting it back for real HDRI.



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